Sentech faces court challenge by eBostwana

2 08 2011

An interesting case has recently hit the courts in the dispute between Sentech (the SABC broadcast distributor) and eBostwana (eTv’s Botswanan sister channel) regarding an alleged unencrypted SABC signal spillover into Botswana.  Full article available here.

eBotswana is alleging that the unencrypted SABC channels are being watched by up to 70% of people in Botswana by means of a pirated decoder, known as a Philabao decoder. It is alleged that this is costing eBotwsana and the Botswana broadcasting and advertising industries millions in lost revenue. In particular, it seems that it is Sentech’s use of its Vivid platform which is being disputed: this being Sentech’s means of reaching about 65000 South Africans who cannot access the SABC channels through conventional means i.e. transmitters using terrestrial signals……..the articles published on the matter thus far certainly make for interesting reading………..