About Us

Elaine de Beer is the owner of de Beer Intellectual Property Attorneys. She is a qualified electronic engineer, a registered South African Patent Attorney and an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. She has over 8 years of experience in the patent industry, both locally and abroad.  She is currently practicing in Pretoria, South Africa and specializes in all matters relating to the protection, prosecution and exploitation of intellectual property in the software, high-technology and electronics arena.

She spent a number of years working at a leading firm of Chartered and European patent attorneys in London, who specialize in obtaining patent protection for software, business methods and related technologies. Here she was instrumental in securing patent protection for the technology developments of large multi-national companies such as Samsung Technologies, Hewlett Packard and Good Technology (patent portfolio sold to Apple Inc.). During this time she also assisted in securing a US$68 million win for Good Technology in the European leg of its multi-national patent litigation dispute with Research in Motion (makers of the Blackberry).

She has also acted for industry leaders in the technology, ICT and telecommunication sectors in South Africa.

Elaine is a Fellow of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law

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