Apple and Samsung involved in high-tech Mexican stand-off

22 09 2011

It should by now be common general knowledge that Apple and Samsung are engaged in a heated “IP battle” with over 20 IP disputes currently pending internationally in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Australia and the United States between this California-based company and the South Korean tech giant….

What may be less well-known is that Samsung and Apple in fact have a highly symbiotic relationship. For example, Apple is Samsung’s largest flash memory customer. Not only will Samsung feel it in the pocketbook if Apple stops buying, but many key components of Apple’s consumer electronics line such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone can’t be made without Samsung’s flash memory. What the world has with the ongoing Apple and Samsung war is a real-life high-tech Mexican standoff. Both companies hold the key to the other’s destruction — though their own is nested inside, somewhere just below the surface.

This situation may soon be changing and DigiTimes reports that TSMC (as opposed to Samsung) may be manufacturing Apple’s A5 processor from next year onwards. TSMC is reportedly testing A6 chipsets, which may include the dual or even quad-core ARM-based structures used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

This could seriously sour relations between these two rivals even further…. and with so much on the line for both parties, with nothing to lose (other than some  (extensive) litigation fees) it may well be a long time before the curtain closes on this high-tech mini-drama……..




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